The switch of language

Ciao everyone, and welcome back to my blog!

Vegard O.

Yeah, this is what I usually say whenever it has been a while since the last update. Allora, what can you expect from a sporadic blogger like myself. The reason why I do this now is to inform you all, whoever you might be, that I am changing the language of this blog. It has happened before, and now it happens again. The reason for this is both because I want to improve my English written language, and because in general it is easier to share the blog with people from around the world.

I know that if you go back into the archive folder, at some point during the years since I re-started this blog-project, it has been in English. So here we go again! It took a while to re-translate and modify the files to make it English again, so hopefully I will stick with it for some time to make it worthwhile. I guess, with me, you do not really know for certain, I am quite dynamic and sporadic, but I like it like that!