Ciao everyone, here I am.

My hobbies and passions in life are travelling, photography, drawing illustrations, and running. Whenever I get the chance to travel, I take it, it’s another chance to go on an adventure. I dream about finding or creating a job where I can combine my love for my hobbies, believe it!

Meanwhile I spend my time doing miscellaneous stuff online, like making YouTube videos, streaming videogames on Twitch, making illustrations in Illustrator, and posting pictures on Instagram. Off-screen I like to go for a run, going to the gym, and having chill days. My life is on a day to day basis, I take every day as they come. Just wing it, is something I often say.

Allora, if you want to know more about me, my top advice is to follow this blog, or some of my social media channels. I hope you like it here, and thanks for your time!

– Vegard Orlando –

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I am doing freelance work within photography, videography and graphic design.
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