A relaxed update of the past week

It is Saturday, another workweek has just passed, a bit of an irregularity on one of the days due to an acute toothpain on Wednesday. Which made me go home to Kongsvinger, both for a short visit with my parents but also for going to the dentist. I can not really think of other types of pain that I think can overgo the toothpain, it is suffering in the purest form. Allora, it got better after visiting the dentist, or honestly for an hour after the visit it got even worse, it became so painful that I cried, that rarely happens.

I actually passed out (fell asleep) after having some painkillers and the cat came to keep me company in the form of sleeping on my back. It was comforting to have Meowsie close when I went to sleep.

Apart from that, the workweek has passed by semi-normal, I say this because this week we have had visitors from Riga. And the week before that we also had visitors from Riga, and Spain. This is due to a new course that some of us at the office will have to go through. A whole week of student vibes, I miss the student life sometimes, honestly.

One of these days I had home office and went to a cafe suggested by bestfriend Anna, the name of the cafe is Eden. the punctuation is within the name, and wow this is such a nice and tranquil location. The best part of it is that it is only within a five minute scooter ride to get here, this is also the place where I go for a swim in summertime. So I hope that this will become a sweet success for the coming summer, I can picture myself sitting here both in sunny days and rainy days, writing, doing creative stuff and such. So to anyone out there, Eden. located at Sørenga is absolutely a place I can reccommend.

I am quite aware that it has already been a while since my last post, scusami, but I promise that I actually try to do this the proper way. The funny thing is that actually my Instagram diary project actually sort of became my blog, since in that channel I have posted a post everyday with multiple pictures and also a short story of the day that passed. Ultimately that is what I should do here too, so in the future I may actually start importing my Instagram posts into blogposts somehow, if that even works out.

My plan for the rest of the weekend is to sit here at the Eden. cafe and study some Italian, then later tonight I am going out with a friend to a Eurovision party. Tomorrow will be, probably study an relax as well, I need to get back to my Italian.

Ci vediamo!