Working on the portfolio

Today I came to realize something, that I have not yet felt before regarding this website. I am actually getting satisfied with it, the whole feel of it, the logo, the colours and the pages. It all fits together now, how I feel it at least.

With that said, I tried again to make the portfolio work, to have a separate portfolio and a separate gallery. I just recently learned the difference of it, not that I ever investigated on the difference anyway. A portfolio presents your BEST work, and a gallery may present ALL your work. This made it easy for me to separate the Instagram feed from the portfolio part, and with this current theme it actually looked a way I wanted it to look. I am really happy with this project finally.

My portfolio is being worked on as we speak, or as I write. For now it is only the starter images, but now I know how to make them, so very soon it will be up and running. And the Instagram gallery works on it’s own as long as I keep posting my daily pictures there. So I guess this was just a quick update on the sites progress, and the miracle that I finally am happy with it. Now all that’s left is to fulfill the portfolio, and keep content coming.

I have already made a new category named Storytime, which is where I will share longer posts with stories from my past. Also, I plan on making categories or certain posts related to photo-school and travel-tips, where I share exactly those kinds of things. Hopefully it works, it feels nice to have things planned at least!

Ci vediamo!