Why do I blog?

Ciao, and welcome to this very important question, I needed to ask myself this. Because at the moment it does not even seem like I am actually blogging. The blog is dead, in one way or another, I do not know why, but sometimes I just do not have anything to write about. Sometimes I do, but I lack the time to write, and then when enough time has passed I just forget to write. In short, I am not a good blogger, but hey, I want to improve!

So how to improve on something that is barely existing? Well that should be quite easy, right? Well, so far I have found nothing that has worked, but it’s all about to change, hopefully. I have just discovered prompts, daily prompts for writing, it’s built into this WordPress thing, so I decided to try it. The blog post for today is my own prompt, asking myself why I blog, or why I started, and here’s the story.

A long time ago, approximately around 2006, I got a phone from my dad as a birthday present. It was the Sony Ericsson K-something, a small and nice camera phone before the age of smartphones. This phone had one extra button which had an orange logo on it, blogger it was named, a service that was super simple. You pressed the button, took a picture and wrote some words, and the pressed upload. Then you had your own blog on the internet, it was super quick and super easy, so I quickly got addicted to it. Posting pictures of viewpoints, food, friends, pets, and most other things being part of my life. Over many years my blog amassed quite a lot of images with text, short blogposts, memories as you may call them. It was nice looking back several years to see time that have passed. Originally this service was a standalone service, but as time went by, Google acquired it and during the transfer process from blogger to Google I had some errors. Which in the end resulted in me losing all the pictures on my blog, all the text was saved though, but having a text saying “Wow, what a great view.” without a picture tagging along is totally worthless. So in the end I deleted my blog, and quit.

Many years later, I started again, on a norwegian blogservice named blogg.no, which was thriving at that moment in time. And it was really fun, for this time I got readers, and people started commenting and following my blog. It was nice, originally I only blogged for myself, but it was nice to have an audience too I guess. The thing here though, was that it was fairly complex and demanding to make a simple blogpost, and it was not possible to do it through your phone, even when smartphones came along they did not offer that possibility. So I quit that one too, or rather, I went to another platfor, WordPress. Which is the platform you read this blog on.

I have had this blog for many years by the time you read this, but you may ask where all the content is. It is archived, through an event I decided to name, the great archival. Sometimes you just feel the need to start anew, and that was what I did, but I did want to keep all my previous blog posts