A writer’s block & new beginnings

Well hello there, it’s me again, long time no see as per usual! You know what, I have had total writer’s block the past months. I started so well in January with a new motivation to write and some prompts to help me in the right direction, but somewhere along that, I lost myself. I had a dip into the unknown, a place I really haven’t spent much time at all through life. I can only describe it as “the darkness”, you know a place where you have no idea where you are, where you came from, or where you are heading. A scary place to be honestly, thankfully due to the recent trip to Thailand I managed to get a lot of time to myself and to get out of that place. I needed new impulses in life in general, so with that in mind, I decided to change direction a bit. Coincidentally my work contract was expiring just a month after returning from Thailand. So I decided to leave it at that, and for once jump out of the IT business. Maybe for good, or for a while, who knows. Ultimately I think my goal is up in the clouds, but we will see!

It feels good to be moving on a new and unknown road, I do not know what it will bring, but change is probably what I need now anyways. Maybe even writer’s block will disappear, at least I already feel inspired by the thought of doing new things. The funny thing though is that I won’t be leaving the company, that’s a first. And honestly, my last day at the office was quite sad, knowing that I may never see the people there again. Luckily, I got another position at the company, which I hope that I will like and that I can contribute in that area as a Customer Care Coordinator. I have no idea what I will be doing or how it will work out, but I am glad to still be in the company. I can not really describe it, but working at Norwegian headquarters kind of feel like some sort of work-family, and I like it!

Cheers to new beginnings and a new job!