Question: Write a short story or poem about rain.

As I woke up I could hear the dripping sound, the room was also a bit darker than usual, it could only mean one thing, the rain had finally come! It was about time, after several weeks with nothing but a clear sky and a burning sun. One would ask why I wished for rain, but believe me, having several weeks in a row with pure warm sun, is exhausting. Also, I needed my indoor time as well, sadly I lacked the ability to stay indoors during what one would consider nice weather. My friends were more fortunate as some could easily stay inside and enjoy their time no matter the weather.

But this day, was indeed a really good day, it was a weekend, no work, and perfect weather for staying inside and relaxing. And picture this, a good temperature, the relaxing sound of rain, a comfy bed, and nothing on the agenda for the day. That is truly a recipe for a good day. Not much of a story, but now you know that I don’t just prefer nice sunny weather, I think both are necessary. Not just for nature in general, but also for myself, to truly enjoy staying indoors the whole day.

That was all for now, ciao ciao!