Question: What makes you want to write?

Ciao everyone, and welcome back to another #bloganuary post, posing the question found in the title. And this is a question that is quite easy to answer, it is because I love to write. Both in poetic ways, philosophical ways, and just jotting down day-by-day memories as they come. The whole reason for this blog existing is that, the sole purpose of having memories written down like a journal. Then years later I can go back in time and read what I did that particular day or time period.

Also, I would like to try to write articles, reviews and other content, both to test myself and also to be able to make some content that could be useful for others. For many years this blog has been around, yet it has been restarted many many times. Even now, you will see that all the previous blog posts are gone (they aren’t actually, just archived). The language is now back to English due to language practice and also because of availability. Not that I have the hopes of reaching a high count of international readers. But I do have friends who would prefer that I wrote in English rather than Norwegian. As a benefit, I feel that the English language also is more expressive than Norwegian.

I guess that is all for now, ciao ciao!