I am finally going abroad again, hello Thailand!

Finally, today is the day when I can finally leave Norway for a bit, after nearly three years of being stuck. I have to admit that it almost feels scary since it has been such a long time since my last travel abroad. Then again I am no longer the same person, I am not used to this anymore, but I really do look forward to getting used to travelling again. At the moment it feels like a lie if I say that I travelled by myself for one month back in 2015, going all around Asia. I will get used to this again, I know I will.

Today started like most days, except that I did not work today, I took the day off in order to finish packing, and also in general just preparing for the journey. I believe I packed the most essential things, but I wanted to pack as lightly as possible. It is Thailand, and it’s basically super warm any time of the day, so you do not really need that many clothes. Time passed quickly from 08 am to 1 pm, and I did not even start Vampire Survivor today (an addictive game). At around 1 pm I went down to my best friend Anna, now mentioned as just bestie. We went for a walking trip around the city, some small shopping and then we went back to her house. Her cat Soft (Ilke) got the cuddle of her life, since I will be away for quite a while, I need to make sure Soft got her cuddle meter all filled up to the maximum. At around 4 pm bestie’s boyfriend came home and I went with him to the gym, just to make sure I got a lot of movement and activity clocked in today. Since when the plane leaves, I will be sitting still for approximately thirteen hours.

After some exercise at the gym, we went back to bestie’s house and made Tikka Masala Mii style, basically an improvement of the Sarita Tikka Masala brand. That was a delicious meal, and probably the last chicken tikka I will eat in a while. Not that it matters much as Thai food is delicious as well. Time passed and I had to leave, heading for the airport, Gardermoen. At first, I was actually a bit unsure about where I should go, and I forgot that I had to print my own baggage tags so I had to get someone to watch my spot in the queue while I got my tags.

The rest of the process went by smoothly, although at the moment of writing this, I realize that I have forgotten my insurance papers at home. I’ll just pray that I won’t get super sick during my stay in Thailand. Right now, I am sitting at Bar Oslo, which is some kind of fusion between a bar and a kiosk, it is found close to the international gates, F33 to be specific. At this place, I got a bad reminder of how expensive everything is at airports. I spent 162 NOK on something that normally would have cost me around 60 NOK in any other grocery store. Oh well, now it is time for me to leave, the plane will be boarding in five minutes, and my plan for the trip is to sleep most of it.

Write ya later, most likely from the land of smiles, ciao ciao!