Question: What brings you joy in life?

Ciao everyone, and welcome to today’s question in #bloganuary, which you can see in the title of this post.

Now this one is quite easy, there are a lot of things that bring joy to my life. The top points go to travel, friends, family, animals and food. But of course, I have to go a bit more into detail on each of them or else this would be a really short blog post. Let’s do it in the order I first mentioned them.

  • Travel
    This one is because it allows me to see the world, meet different people, see different cultures and enjoy the feeling of freedom that I get only while travelling. To me, travel is to live, and if it was free then I think I would almost always be travelling. Honestly yeah!
  • Friends
    Well, who does not want to have good friends? Friends are a family that you choose, and I rather go with quality than quantity. I have a few close friends and one best friend, and I love them all so much. It feels safe, fun, and good to be with them at all times.
  • Family
    Of course, this one is basically because it is family. My family ain’t a huge family, we are just a few people, but I appreciate all the time we get together. I may not be home so often, but luckily they also visit me in the city from time to time. They saved my life by adopting me to Norway, and I am so glad we have our strong bonds.
  • Animals
    I love animals, mostly all of them, but my favourites are cats and birds. Birds have always been my favourite, and I have had quite a few pet birds throughout my life. Cats came a bit later, as I used to be afraid of them until I got my own cat, my best friend in life. I also love to take photos of animals.
  • Food
    This one is special, as I have always been a really picky eater, so for me to mention food as one of my main sources of happiness is kind of fun. My favourite dishes are either Italian, Thai or Indian, and no matter what food I eat, I want to spice it up with some chillies or something.

There you go, a quick list of things that brings joy to my life, and also, I need to mention this one as well:

That video, always makes me laugh, almost no matter how sad, desperate, frustrated I might be. Have a look at it, maybe it cheers you up too. That was all for today, ciao ciao!