Question: What is a lost treasure?

Ciao everyone, as per usual the question of the day is quite readable in the title of this blog post. Now the way to interpret this is quite different, and I guess I have to just explain my first initial thought.

A lost treasure, just reading it and thinking for a second I get the idea of pirates and something of high value, like golden coins stashed in a huge chest. The journey to find it, treasure map, compass and all. But, when I think a little deeper I think this question might actually be about personal treasures, like memories, relationships, or possessions with deep hidden meanings to the owner. I need to think a little in order to address this the right way.

This is my lost treasure, my cat Pusur, he was with me for 20 years, and he was my very best friend. I found him as a kid when I was about six years old or so. On my way home from school, I walked through a little forest that was between my school and my home. I walked that route every schoolday, it took around five or six minutes to walk, and many of my classmates went the same way too, only separating at the road a few minutes away from my house. But one day I found a cute little cat, it was very friendly so I picked it up and cuddled with it for a few minutes before I put it down and walked home.

Around that age, I was quite afraid of being alone, and due to both my parents working I was home alone for a few hours every day. This day was no exception, but suddenly while sitting in the basement area of our house, I was busy playing a videogame (Diddy Kong Racing 64) when I suddenly heard some steps above. I got really afraid since it was way too early to be my mom, and of course, the door was open so whoever it was could easily just walk inside. I remember it so well, I think it was due to me being so insanely scared that I will not forget it ever. Anyhow, as the steps got closer to the stairs leading down, I froze and did not move a muscle, barely breathing. I was positioned in such a way that I could not run anywhere either, I was stuck. And then I heard it, whoever it was were heading downstairs.

But then I saw him, the little cat from earlier, he must have followed me home and I guess he found me. He meowed and came towards me, I lifted him up and cuddled him, and he stayed. Later when my mom came, the cat was still there, my dad came home too and we sat in the living room and talked about the cat. Suddenly the cat jumped from my lap, and went straight to my mom, sat there for a few minutes and then went to my dad as if he was greeting us all somehow. And from that day on he stayed at our house, he became ours. A true member of our family, and my best friend from that very moment and into the next 20 years. That is my lost treasure, I know I will see him again when the time is due.

Anyways, that was today’s question, see you soon again, ciao ciao!