Question: What’s your earliest memory?

Ciao everyone, here we are again on day three of #bloganuary, and the question is quite visible in the title. Memories, we all have a lot of them, and we keep making more of them all the time for every second that we live. But how far back in time do you actually have memories, something that you truly remember? This question really got to me, as I have a memory that goes way back in time, I think it may actually be back to when I was a baby before I even got adopted into Norway (Yeah, I am from Colombia originally).

My first memory is from my time as a baby, it is not much, but I do remember a view that is somewhat similar to this. This picture is taken in 2013 when I went back to Colombia to explore my country of birth. The memory I have from my time as a baby is the view of a mountain, and the smoke coming out of it. That would be the volcano name Azufral, which was active at the time when my parents were in Colombia to bring me with them to Norway. I have had this picture in my head for many years, it was not until I was about ten years that we talked about it and my parents told me that the view from my memory probably was from the time we spent at the hotel during the adoption process. They told me that we had this window that I used to stare out of, and the view outside would be a clear view of the volcano Azufral.

It is a bit weird as I do not know why exactly that memory was so strong within me, as there are lots of other things since then that I have most likely forgotten. Yet those seconds of looking at the volcano are still with me, and I can clearly recall them when I close my eyes. I guess it is some kind of treasure.

That was all for today, this #bloganuary project really is something, it awakens topics to blog about, which in turn makes me even more motivated to blog. And believe me, it has been a while since I had that feeling. See you soon again, ciao ciao!