Question: In what way are you brave?

Hi bloggers and welcome to the second day of Bloganuary!

Today’s question was already quite a tricky and deep one. It is the same as the title of this blog post, how are you brave? I will try my best to give an open and honest answer to this question.

So, how am I brave? I have never ever actually thought about that if I am brave or not. I have to think to try to remember situations where I have had the chance to be brave, and in what way I was brave. There have not been many situations where I have found myself brave, but I think that in stressful situations I may have been seen as brave. Not because I actually act brave, but because I tend to stay calm, which in some dangerous cases might have been just as stupid as it was brave.

I tend to carry stuff by myself, like in a mental way, I can not really consider that being brave either, but some things I actually give myself credit for bearing all alone. That makes me feel somewhat brave. I have never been in a risky do-or-die situation to actually figure out if I am the classic brave or not. In a war situation, I think I am the opposite of brave, but that might also be because I do not want to aim weapons at anyone or anything. I do not want to take part in killing people or animals, so if war is all there is, then I would most likely flee. Trying to protect and make my closest friends and family join me. I want to keep them safe, but it has to actually happen, for me to figure out what I would do.

There are times I feel lost, and there are times when I just mentally order myself to stand back up, no matter what might be going on. I consider that brave, and I hope I will keep that ability far into the future.

I think this was my answer, as I can not really think of anything else to reply to it. I did my best!