A day in Obese Spider-Man’s life: Part 1

DISCLAIMER: This is a short bullshit story based on weird AI generated images, and a silly way to connect the images with a thin story. Be warned, this is, weird, and a total waste of time, but it may also be fun!

The day started rough, his head was pulsating, he felt like dying. Even one single move would make his whole body hurt, this was a horrible way to start his day. Obese Spider-Man had one of his worst hangovers.

After several hours in his sorry state of being, he gathered up all his anger and sadness, and jumped! He was ready to attack the day, he was mad, he was craving. He had to go to the supermarket to get some food, food cures everything in Obese Spider-Man’s world.

It took almost all of his energy and mental effort just to get to the supermarket. But fate would not be kind to him this day, for at exactly this day, his favourite food was sold out. Obese Spider-Man got sad, and went home empty handed and super hungry.

He was so mad when he got home, filled with hangriness and general hate towards the world. He sat down on the couch and brought up his iPad, he felt angrier by the minute. Nothing was okay in Obese Spider-Man’s day so far.

His mood got even worse, he locked himself in the bathroom, brought his iPad and looked at people getting hurt. In a way to try to make himself feel better, nothing helped. Obese Spider-Man had reached a new kind of low, and felt so bad.

After a while, he realised there was only one thing to do, in order to make this day at least a little bit good. Obese Spider-Man had to drink, and he had to do it quick, quick and painful, until it got better.

It totally worked, no one knows or remembers how many units were consumed, but obese Spider-Man’s day finally became great. All the darkness was lifted, the pain in his body was relieved, he could see rainbows, a flower field, and everything just felt super good. Obese Spider-Man was happy at last.

All good things must of course come to an end, yet again, the next day starts exactly as the previous one had. Obese Spider-Man was caught in a loop, a fate of destiny, his life would never be great. But in the end, he was always the Obese Spider-Man.

Honestly guys, I have no idea why I did this. But it was fun, and I hope you all see it as the pun-fun it is intended to be. To explain a little, I am not the one who made the pictures for this story, I did not even make the prompts. That credit goes to Lucivere, and some story inspiration came from Koala.

I have had a thing to just make silly images by using Midjourney bot to generate AI images of all kinds. After a while, I ended up making my own sort of character prompt, obese Spider-Man. I did this by asking the AI to make images of Obese Spider-Man in all kinds of situations and scenery. That’s the whole story behind it. And now my first obese Spider-Man story is live, thanks for your time.