Welcome to the 1st of April

And yet I have rebooted my blog, sadly this is not a joke, but at the same time, it is not completely true. I did, however, change up a few things here, both due to some technical difficulties and also because of the standard new month new possibilities thingie. As you see here, not all is gone, this time around I decided to keep the previous posts. I figured that I cant just keep on deleting, rewriting and deleting, that’s just a bad excuse for a lack of creativity. I read an article earlier about how it is okay to lose interests in your own hobbies, times change and so do we.

There’s basically no point in keeping redoing the blog all the time, this has been on a loop since 2013 I think. This has to change, and I vow by this post, that it will! I know that it is titled the first of April and that I could easily delete everything tomorrow and start over, and say that it all was just a joke. I have now realised and accepted that I never will get back that blog I had back in 2006, which went running for years of memories. But I do not need that one back, what I need now is for this blog to pick up the rests and keep building, no rebuilding no matter how bad this blog gets.

Its all about keeping it personal, so that’s my goal now, originally when I started to blog, it was all about me and all for myself. And I think that was the reason why it worked out for so long, not having to worry about creating quality content all the time, having the right pictures and all that. I don’t care anymore, I just want a functioning blog again, and here it is, the kind of the first post of my new blog! Welcome!