Hey there, as you might have noticed by now, I’ve left the Norsk behind and gone back to English. If you haven’t noticed, then I really don’t know what the reason could be. But, what I do know, is why this happened like all out of the blue. The answer is simple, so very simple, but I’ll spell it out quite loud:


Yeah simple enough, most Norwegians can read and understand basic English, and my English is just about basic. Also, I feel that even though Norwegian is my primary language, the English language have a lot more options when it comes to expressions. Or it may be that I just do not know enough of my own language, Norwegian, that could also be. I guess my degree in the Norwegian language was lower than my English degree, I do not know how that happened though, but then again, the school system has its flaws.

But yeah, I want to write in English just to be more available, of course, I know it is just a dream. But dreams are important, and maybe, just maybe, some important person out there can offer me a job, or just discover my projects, and things start rolling from there. Yeah, I know, a silly dream, but still a hope. Write in Norwegian, and I can reach out to Norway, write in English and I can reach out to the world if that opportunity ever happens. That’s basically the whole reason for the shift of languages.

Of course, I made a keyword for “Norsk” which I put all the Norwegian blogposts in if you prefer those. Also, I will put all future Norwegian blog posts there too. Cause I know there will be more of them too.

(P.S: The featured image of this post is just totally random.)