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Instagram reboot, and the reason why I did it

Sometimes you just want to hit restart on Instagram

Firstly I need to put this clear, I’ve got an OCD, I have not gotten a diagnose for this but I am pretty damn sure that I got this. This is due to me regularly getting things out of control, and then needing to restart stuff. I regularly format my Mac, I regularly re-organize my file systems, and sadly I have to say that I quite often restart my blog. But this has got to come to an end, and it ends right now. This blog will live, and I will promise to not restart this one, starting today. But yeah, back on topic, I wiped all my pictures from Instagram recently. Why?

Vegard Orlando Owlando portrait

Instagram became a chore

Last year I read a book about Instagram, how to get successful and what to do in order to increase exposure of my account. It was a lot of tips and tricks, like hiding your hashtags in the comments. Tagging a lot of hub accounts, and also using a lot of hub hashtags creating lists of hashtags to use for specific pictures, posting at the right time of the day, etc. This became a lot of work, and also you had to do this three times a day in order to grow.

Earlier I only took some pictures now and then, posted them with a funny text or something else. Maybe I added a hashtag, but mostly I did not. I did not care about likes at all, and it was totally fine that way. After reading the book, I became obsessed with having pictures in series, getting the right hashtags, and getting the posts posted at the perfect time. It became such a bother, that I did not enjoy it at all anymore. And the worst thing, I continued to do it, I posted three pictures a day for quite a long time. Let me tell you this, I hate doing house chores, cleaning and vacuuming. And now Instagram gave me the same vibes. It had to stop.

A fresh breath and a new take on Instagram

So here I am, with a blank Instagram account. Or I still got some followers left though, and for some reason, the account still says that I have 1 post even though I have not. The account has been blank for some days, and I took a break from Instagram. Life moved on, and I slowly got out of the three pictures a day habit. My mind settled, and now I feel that I can begin again. A new take, I am still going to use hashtags, but I found some really good ones, and I will not be changing them. I will try to reclaim my #owlando and #heyowlando hashtags, as well as not focus so much on when I post. I want to go back to just posting whatever I want whenever I want to. I am aware that this makes the account less professional, but hey, you know what? I don’t care at all, I don’t want to get locked into an Instagram recipe obsession again. I will soon post my very first picture there, and I will try to make it a custom to also post the picture here on the blog as a picture-post with a short story included. This makes it a whole lot more interesting, one thing I’ve learned about photography is that the story behind the picture is just as interesting as the picture itself.

Instagram account

A clean view of my Instagram account @owlando

Aight, have a look out for my #firstpicture on my account Owlando, and please do follow me. Also if you want me to look at some of your pictures, then please use #heyowlando. Have a good night!


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