I’ll do this one in English, it is basically because I feel that the English readers would need to know this. Norwegians are quite adept at understanding English anyways so I believe it is enough to just have this post in English.

Now, to answer the question about the bilingualism of this website. As you probably see, the menus are in English, the about me page is in English, and the Instagram account is in English. Yet, I write posts in Norwegian.

I can’t really say anything about the YouTube channel yet as it is still in the idea phase. But I believe that I will mix languages there as well. The reason is simple, I have grown up with both languages and I feel that sometimes I am able to express more with the English language. That is just my opinion, obviously, but it is a good enough reason for me to stick with two languages.

Also, I want this page to have content readable by everyone, and as mentioned earlier, most Norwegians are capable of understanding English, but most of the English speaking population don’t know Norwegian. So that’s why.

Don’t mind the featured image though, it is just a random Naruto one since I didn’t have anything better to use at the moment since I am at work writing this. Anyways, have a nice day and stay tuned for more content, see ya!