It’s been a long summer, I’m not complaining but I feel quite ready for autumn now. The warmth is more bearable now, and we finally have dark nights! I am so ready to get working on my personal projects again, and of course the Owlando brand. It’s kind of my biggest project!

As you might have seen, the webpage has gotten a new look, the logo is placed and I’ve found some colours. The colours might be changed by season, but the plan is to stick with this logo. It is basically a kawaii version of myself. Easy, welcoming and funny, I guess that was keywords when I created it. Basically I made it simple in order to make it easy to incorporate it into other projects, make stickers of it, and to animate it.

While the summer is coming to an end, autumn will soon start to colour the nature around us. This is a perfect opportunity to once more grab the camera and go for a photo walk. That is my first plan early this month, as workloads from JCP is a bit low this coming month, I need to do other stuff in order to keep myself going.

Updates will come shortly!