Owlando's journey

YouTube channel updates and thoughts

Owlando returns to YouTube

It’s been quite a while since my last YouTube video, to be honest, I only managed to make an intro video before I lost all my data. Then it took quite a while to get it back, I was quite lucky to get it back, so I am grateful as a bee who just found nectar.

So here’s my YouTube update, I won’t write too much about it so please have a look at it instead. Still, a lot of work has to be done, and I need to delve into colour grading, titles and transitions. Also, I need some kind of intro clip, also known as a bumper. Anyways, have a look over here. And if you want an overview, then head over to my YouTube channel here, or browse it straight from my page here.

As scary promise to be kept

If you watched the video above, you probably got my first plan, which was a promise to make a video while playing Outlast 2. I had to follow up on that promise, and here’s the first video of the Outlast 2 series on my channel. To be honest, I can’t guarantee that there will be more episodes, I can only promise to try. As mentioned, I hate scary games, can’t stand them, but I will try my best. Please have a look here as well, but yeah, it’s quite long. I’ll probably learn to better mix up these videos as I continue to make them. So please bear with me.

Future YouTube channel planning

Now that two videos are done, I can only try to keep this up. So plans are needed in order to figure out where to go next. Of course, there will be more gaming related videos, as well as more vlogs. I will try to do some on-the-go vlogs by just using my iPhone and iMovie or Adobe Clip. I am not sure how to do it yet, also I will try to get by my need to get both video and sound as good as possible. Since it kind of hindered me to produce stuff. But hey, I’m back now, so keep your eyes up for the new channel updates!

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