Owlando's journey

Saturday new hair and other doings

Changes are made on Saturdays

It’s finally Saturday, and it is also vacation, which means time for total relaxation. Or kind of, I had some plans for this day, plan number one was to get a haircut, the reason being this.

saturday old hair

For quite a while I have been saving up hair, you see, I have this really talented friend that I go to whenever I need to get a haircut. In other words, I won’t go anywhere else, due to each and every time I’ve cheated on my friend, I ended up with bad results. Last time I got a haircut was in November 2017, we found that out today actually. My plan was to get a haircut before Christmas, but our timing matched badly and I didn’t have time for it before I left the city for my parent’s house. The next time around was in January, but even this time our schedules mismatched, so needless to say, I went on for quite a while without a haircut. But today it finally happened. And wow, I am so satisfied with this look, I can’t say it enough, I recommend everyone that needs a good haircut to check this place out: Hairdo Ideas. Ask for Soso!

saturday new hair

Goodbye to lots of hair

A lot of hair was left at the salon, so yeah, I figured if I collected all of it I could probably make something out it. But in the end, we both agreed that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, so I didn’t. Leaving the salon I went straight to the gym, as I have this ambition of getting back into my exercise routine again. It has been quite a while since I was a gym-goer, but I want to change this now. Hopefully, a friend will join me on this, as he also needs to get in shape quickly. Training together with some friends always makes for better results, so I have heard, and so I believe.

saturday evening

Late Saturday night plans

On my way home I decided to just walk instead of taking the subway, it’s only one stop after all. While walking I saw this nice sunset, that I so wish that I could share with you guys, but know what, my shit-phone died on me when I was trying to take the picture. Even though the battery level was above 60 percent, I am pretty sure that this iPhone will die soon, but I hope it survives until Apples next phone release news. Anyways, I got the picture shown above at least. I got home and took a nice warm shower, and now I am planning to eat some spicy tikka masala before I start streaming a game on Twitch. If you want to, you can check it out on this link to my Twitch channel. I am not sure which game I will play tonight, but I think it will either be a scary one or maybe not, anyways. Have a nice Saturday night folks!