Owlando's journey

The one about renewed motivation

Motivation or no motivation?

Past weeks my motivation for school diminished a bit, I do not really know why, if it was the school in general or photography in general. But the lack of motivation really can ruin stuff, no matter the field in which it appears. As a result of this, I was lacking behind on assignment deliveries, in addition to that, I also managed to get sick at the same time. So I guess I was down at a low there. But someone I know said that all these things will come to a pass, just take the time to think about it and regain your focus. And by being in bed for many hours the past few days, I got a lot of time to think. And I found what I needed to get back this motivation. It was about time!


Renewed motivation

As mentioned in the previous post, I am still trying to get back the posts that were here earlier. But the main focus is on creating the new ones, and with my new motivation at my side, I think it will be much easier from now on. The above picture is part of something I made tonight, as a creative project to deliver tomorrow. I title this picture Quixotic, which is defined as impulsive and often rashly unpredictable. Two words that I think describes me quite well, and since this was an assignment meant to reflect upon oneself, I think it’s fitting the topic quite well. Also, I think the picture resembles chaos, which in itself is also quite important.

School is getting close to an end, with just about one month left before the final exam, I am more than happy to have my motivation back. And I will really need it in order to manage to pass this, but hey I am an optimist after all. That’s it for this update, a little more personal this time, but hey it’s a personal blog after all. Have a nice day!

I’ll post some more pictures from tonight’s little photo session, you can find them on my Instagram account over here.