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Welcome to the remade blog

Back again with a new blog look

My OCD got the best of me again, so yet again we begin this blog anew. A blank canvas, new pens, a cheer for new beginnings and all that. There is quite a good reason for the reboot this time around, not just a random choice which it usually has been. I am going to aim this page more leaning towards a portfolio and professional page, except the blog part, that part will still be quite personally unprofessional. And that is the way it should be, or else there would be no blog posts to come. I will of course also feature articles and information regarding the topics of photography, videography, and graphic design frequently, these posts will be more professionally tailored than the usual “hey this is what I ate today” posts. But do not worry, I will make some good use of the category system so that you can choose whatever you’d like to read with relative ease.

A new journey is about to begin

Besides the fact that I just mentioned my reasons for beginning anew, there is one reason left to mention. I am going back to school again, and I also want this blog to follow my life as a student again. It’s already been two years since I left school in Australia but I am ready for new challenges to come. I will write more about that in a separate post to come, meanwhile, I will work on filling up this page with meaningful links and pictures. So stay tuned for the updates!

Oh yeah, I switched to English again, since I think it is more universal. I have friends from all around the world and I would like for them to be able to easily read if they want. Also for the non-English speaking Norwegians, I have included a translate option in the sidebar of my page. It ain’t a 100 percent correct, but enough to make you understand, so make use of it if you want, it is there for you! This goes for Italians, Spanish, French, and German people as well, I’ve got you covered.

Well, that’s good enough for a beginner post, so let’s get started on this journey now!
Welcome to www.owlando.com.


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