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Those joyful RedBull mornings

RedBull, when you need the wings to fly or in order to just wake up

As my gym training routine has become quite frequent, I can feel that I’m not all that full of energy anymore. Like this goes just for the mornings, I think I might have gotten addicted to having coffee or RedBull in the morning. Cause lately I’ve been needing a boost to get going, and today was no different, or it was, it was extra difficult to wake up today.

My friend and I discussed it since we both have been feeling a bit more tired lately, but this won’t stop. Our frequent gym visits have been going so well, and the progress we’ve made so far is good, too good to stop!

So here’s to a RedBull morning! My plans for the day are to take more photos for my photo project, and hopefully, I will get the photos that I need in order to complete this project. It’s been going on for two weeks now, so I am quite ready to finish things up! And if I am lucky I’ll catch some great amounts of Pokemon today as well, the sun is shining! Also I’ve made some new uploads to my Instagram, so please check it out if you want.

Anyways that’s the post for today. I think I am getting better at blogging more frequently already, so cheers for that too! Have a RedBull (or not) and enjoy the day!

RedBull morning

The Sonic phone holder can be used for so many things! Love it!