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A quite healthy nightmare

If you were a vegetable or fruit, what would be your worst nightmare?

This is part of an assignment I got at school, the topic was dreams and/or nightmares. I spent some time thinking about how to do it, the teacher put emphasis on the creative freedom in this assignment and I guess that I just wanted to do something really strange here. And finally, I could do it without any restrains.

How would a nightmare be if you were a fruit or a vegetable?
This became my question, and this is how I solved it.

As this assignment was pointed toward the nightmare part, I wanted to use or create something macabre, but yet kind of cute. Also, I wanted to have some harsh and cold colours since I do not seem nightmares as something warm unless you’re on fire of course. I got the idea from the combination of giving life to edible things. And I remembered that I had this sticker book with eyes, mouths and noses for some reason. Now was the perfect time to put it to use, as it can be used to add human expression to the objects. I do not know what you think, but I do not think that these pictures would be the same without the eyes or mouths.

Anyways, hope you like it, you probably shouldn’t show this to your kids though.


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