Oh hey there ego-trip

This one is all about me

Oh yeah we all love a piece of attention don’t we? Well, here’s my little time to shine! And who am I? I’m Spider-Man!

I wish, or maybe not, being a superhero and saving people here and there would probably be to much for me. The only thing we have in common is that we both love photography.

An attempt to do a brief summary

So yeah, my love for photography started early, as a kid I got to borrow my dads old SLR camera. I guess that sparked an interest that’s probably going to stick with me for life. The love for photography.

Travel is also something that stands pretty close to my heart, and in fact, one of the first things I ever did in life was to travel. The huge distance between Colombia and Norway, I did it all when I was 9 months old, of course not alone. It was back then when my mom and dad adopted me.

And the love for travel has been with me ever since, to travel around the world, see and experience new things, that’s my number one thing in life. It shares that spot with photography though, hard to choose.

Along with all that, I found the love for both video editing and graphic design as well. So I ended up studying a few of these subjects. Took a two year graphics design education and had a bachelors degree after one year abroad in Australia. Later on I studied more photography in Norway and now I’m looking for a job where I can make use of these skills.

Travel and photo

I think the combination of travelling, photography, and video makes a perfect match. And my dream and goal is to one day find a way to make a living out of it. Doing the things you love, that’s my wish, dream, hope and ambition. So over time we will see if I can reach that goal, this blog is part of that journey, some way of documenting it.

Oh the personal stuff

Besides the interests and all that, I’m a happy go lucky kind of guy. I’m highly spontaneous, and totally random, love to travel and make stuff. Oh, I love birds, all kinds of birds. And if you’ve noticed by the name of this website, Owlando, I love owls a lot. It’s also a play on my middle-name which is Orlando. Orlando turned to Owlando, as easy as that haha. You can say it’s some kind of brand I want to establish.

Well, I guess that’s all for my ego-trip, if you want to know more about me, my best tip is to follow this blog and my journey. Have a nice day and thanks for your time!


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