Owlando's journey

New updates from Owlando, and some blog info

A new month and new possibilities

Everything starts anew again, this time it was not my fault actually, but rather a database error. I am not sure if I can recover the previous blog posts, but I really do hope so. The blog was really getting on its feet with content and such, so it is a bit sad to see it stripped back to the basics again. I am slowly working on restoring this site today, so hopefully, I can get back most of it. But until then, it’s all new.

Anyways there’s a new month now, May and the summer in Norway draws near. Finally, we get some sun and warmth to this otherwise cold country. That also is the reason for some later blog posts and video updates. But I’ll try to get that summer routine working, can’t have the blog die again can we? It just got a new life.

Another new beginning

Social media updates and the flu

Some other reasons to mention as excuses for not posting so often anymore, school, photography, and me getting the flu. But to the main point, the school really keeps me busy, I guess schools are great at that. A lot of homework, and sometimes I actually do lack behind, the reasons for that being a little lack of motivation and bad prioritizing. But the latter days I managed to get back on track.

I do not really know the whole deal about Instagram, but sometimes it just feels more like a chore than something fun, so that is why I sometimes go days without posting anything. Not sure why though, maybe I lack the material for it, or maybe Instagram ain’t for me anymore. But hey, it’s still a very good way to promote and show off some images, so I won’t quit it yet.

Lastly but not least, I’ve not been in a perfect shape lately, or I recently got the flu. I got the man flu so to speak, which means that I am probably not as sick, but I feel like really sick. If you are unfamiliar with the term man-flu then Google it. But to tell you in short, it’s just a statement that says men complain a lot more about their flu than women do. Men tend to over exaggerate and make it sound worse than it really is.

Resting clownface

Photo directions

Also an update on the photo part, lately at school we have been learning about a lot of directions within photography. After all, this school is aiming at helping us find our way of photography, our style, and how we would like to work further on within the field. And to be honest I have always thought I was within a mix between nature photography and documentary, but after having some workshops and such, I came to realize that I am probably far from it.

In nature photography, you need extreme patience, and even though I am a patient person, I do not think I am THAT patient. And for the documentary part, I do not really like it, we have had two weeks of documentary photography, and I really do feel uncomfortable with it. Also, I am not a studio photographer either, or at least not yet. I am not too fond of photographing people in general. It sure sounds like I am not cut to be a photographer at all, but hey I am not giving this one up any day soon, there are plenty of ways to work with photography.

It’s a bit funny, but I also found the interest in photography as an artform, like art photography. So I am probably going to try out that one for sure.

Anyways, that’s it for today’s update, hope ya liked it, and enjoy your day. As always please do check out my Instagram and YouTube, they will get updates really really soon. And if you’re new to this page, then head on over here to read a quick one about me.