The first page of a new book

Welcome to the new book

When you write a blog, it’s almost like writing a book, over time it develops into quite the story. But it all has to start with that very first page, the beginning as it is properly named. Due to an indecisive and OCD plagued author, this book is back at its core which is blank pages with no content. But hey, here you are, reading the first lines of the new book, Owlando’s journey. There is a lot more to come!

Of course, I am not going to write my blog posts in book format, I just wanted to express my viewpoint on it as a whole. Because one day I want to be able to look back at this blog and see that the archives span back many years. And maybe my future self will look back at this post in 2025 and walk the road of nostalgia. For the record, future me, right now you are sitting at an Espresso House cafe, it is a warm summer day in May. You just finished a class for today, and you started to plan your photo book creation.
See this is how it looked.

A cold glass of water on a warm sunny day, it really feels like a pure miracle.

Blog, portfolio and randomness

Anyways, what’s going to pop up in this book, or site in general? To reveal some quick facts, I love photography, travelling, design, playing video games and making videos. So it would not spoil anything to say that you can expect stuff from these fields. Also, this is very important, the site will also act as a portfolio for me. Here I will post my digital works, photo, video and design projects. It’s quite empty at the moment but I have plans to fill it quite quickly. Also, I am somewhat active on Instagram and YouTube too, so you can have a look at those links if you want. If you want to know more specifically about me, the author, you can head on over to the about page and find what you seek. Also, I can just link it here for the sake of convenience.

the sun sets, the journeymen head out, a long way awaits them. But they keep going, not giving up until they reach their goal.

Besides that, only time will tell what will show up here as the days are passing. I hope you will find something useful here, and that you will enjoy your visit. If you find any of this interesting, then please do follow my blog or any of my social media channels. I would be really happy with all the feedback I can get. Thank you for your time! Now let the new journey begin!


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