Owlando's journey

The past blogging story of Owlando

Mobile blogging craze

Many years ago I was quite good at blogging on the go as they call it. That meant that I could take a picture with my phone, and then quickly upload it to my blog, all done within five minutes. But it’s been quite a while since those days, and as you’ve probably noticed, this blog doesn’t get quite as frequent updates. I guess I hope to change this up a bit. By being less mindful of it, since that has been my biggest issue the last years, I needed to have it perfectly done, or else I would not do it. So here’s a promise, I will be blogging a lot more from now on. It might not be long blogposts, but at least it will be some quick updates on my day life. I think I will make a category for this properly named mobile blogging.

My past blogging story

As mentioned, back in the days I used to blog a lot. At that time it was at the Blogspot service, now known as just Blogger and owned by Google. Back then I had a Sony Ericsson phone, which had a built in blog button that took you straight to the upload page and a few seconds later a new post was uploaded. I guess this was part of the reasons to why I used to blog so much, it was so simple. The truth is that it ain’t more difficult today, but it’s more hidden. And it kind of felt more like a hassle.

Also, it might be the fact that I’ve started to care more about the SEO parts of blogging, you know all the stuff about keywords and such. The things that makes your blog appear more often on search engine searches. But I guess I got too focused on all that. Way back I just took a picture, wrote some words to go with the picture and hit the upload button, that’s it. Which resulted in me having a blog dating back many years of memories, but…

I lost it all

At one point in time, Google decided to buy Blogspot. And as a result of this, they had to move all the data from Blogspot to Googles server to host Blogger. I got a mail beforehand that warned that maybe 1% of the bloggers could experience issues due to this migration. And guess what, I was a part of that one percent, my blog got deleted. Or at least it disappeared during the migration. I had a lot of mails heading Google’s way, and after a few weeks I got a mail that they were able to restore parts of my blog. Keep in mind here that I started that blog in 2005, and this happened sometime during 2010, so quite a time-span there. When I got this mail I was so happy, I got my blog back, and at first I just thought I had to just accept missing some days or weeks of content. But guess what. They managed to restore all the text, not the pictures.

If your remember what I wrote a bit earlier here, I used to take a picture, and put some words to it before I hit the upload button. So what was left was a lot of posts with a few words and nothing more. It’s quite useless to have a blogpost that says for example “this is a nice view” and that’s it. As a result of this, I decided to just delete the whole thing, and tryout something else. Blogg.no was my next place to go, and it was a fun adventure to be honest. But it was a lot more troublesome, as you had to blog from the website, no mobile app existed back then and the smartphones weren’t that smart.

The blogg.no era

The nice things about bloggNO was that it was already a community, your published posts were shared easily on the community so that you could get readers more easily. You could even pay money in order to get featured on the front page, which in turn gave you even more readers, if it was a well written blogpost that is. So I began my blogging adventure here around 2010 and kept it going for a while, I even managed to rank up around 50 regular readers, and I was quite happy with that. Occasionally I wrote some posts that really made success, and it was really fun to be discovered.

I don’t really remember what happened after that, but the blogging interest diminished and my blog went straight to the grave. Who would bother to check out a blog with no content? The fun thing was that when that happened, they actually announced a mobile app for blogging on the go. But it did not help at all, I was done with blogging. But hey, I came back some years later. But during that time I have managed to get some kind of OCD which made me write for a few weeks, get tired, delete all the posts and then get inspired to write from the beginning again. And that’s my story so far, and this blog here is my newest try to keep the blogging trend living.

My aim for this blog and for the future is to keep it going, and to not delete anymore posts from it. Keep it as it is, no matter what. And hopefully as time goes by, I’d even manage to get some casual readers again too. That would be fun!