Owlando's journey

Time for the long awaited holiday

It’s been hectic for a while, but now it’s time for a holiday

Since I started school in late January it has been a quite constant rush of assignments. The feeling that you never quite catch up has been with me for some time, but hey, I managed all my assignments in time. And now it is time for a holiday, Easter is upon us and at last, I get time to refine what I have learned, and to also spend some time doing nothing but relax.

Also, I will spend this short holiday on doing some proper adjustments to my whole life schedule, as it has been a total mess for the last few months. It is about to get back on track and make some proper use of this break. So that I can be fully prepared and ready to give it all to school when I return in about ten days. Also, I will try to get some work this coming week too, in order to at least save up some money. School crashes quite often with available work, so yeah, it would be good to make some cash too.

holiday picture

Personal focus on the internet

As school and my lack of routine has made basically everything a mess, I finally have time to do some more work on my personal projects such as this blog, my YouTube channel, and my Instagram/500px account. And hey, today I also got a message from IBAS (the company that restores harddrive data) that they managed to get back around 80-100% of my data back. Which means I finally can get back my memories, and to be honest, my life. It really does something to you, or to me at least, knowing that you’ve lost all your memories. But now I do not have to worry anymore, next week I will receive my data back. Seems like this will be a good holiday, maybe I’ll even encounter the Easter bunny, who knows?

I’ll keep you guys updated here on my holiday activities, so stay tuned for more! And yeah, have a nice holiday!