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The light at weeks end

So we finish up this week with some light

Light, camera and action. It is weekend soon and it is about time for a little vacation of the cold type. But first, we will have some more lessons regarding the use of light in a studio. Today we have a half-day at school with light tutoring, heading back to the studio to deliver our assignments and get a feedback.

Feeling like an okay student

At the moment I have already been more than one week at school, and boy this is some intense stuff. You will never actually catch up since everytime we get a task finished, a new one shows up. It is probably a work-style like this that suits me best since I work best under pressure. So yeah, at the moment I feel like an okay student, I have not got it all yet, so I lack a little behind. I am a little worried about the coming weekend though since I will have this little winter vacation, and not too sure if I will manage to catch up, or ending up with way too much to do on Monday. We will see I guess.

Ready for the weekend

Anyways, you’ve got to live as well. The plan for the weekend is to leave the city behind, and then go all the way to the mountain for some skiing. No, actually this time around it is snowboarding. Something I have only tried once before, not with the greatest results back then, to be short, I got a concussion, haha. So I will do this as a comeback, to see how snowboarding will go this time around. I hope I will survive at least, and that’s my only goal so far. I will also bring my skis as a backup if snowboarding does not go too well. I also do want to have fun. Falling every meter might not be too much fun you know, haha.

Anyways, I am ready for the weekend now, so have a good one!


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