Owlando's journey

A jolly day with the birds

The love for birds, and the bird photo urge

I love birds, always have and always will, it’s just as easy as that. To be honest, I am not sure quite why, but I can give you some quick reasons that I think of straight away.

  1. They are beautiful and cute
  2. They can fly and are free
  3. They have beaks and feathers
  4. They are colourful
  5. They are beautiful and cute, yeah this needed to be said twice!

The beauty of birds

So that was quite quick yeah, I also need to mention that I have had pet birds mostly all of my life. Got a budgerigar when I was around four or five years old, I named him Teis, but I originally meant to name him Tails, after Sonic the hedgehog’s sidekick. But I got it wrong due to my English skills at that age, so yeah, maybe the next budgerigar will be properly named Tails. As for now I just have one budgerigar, his name is Budgie, properly and creatively named as expected. No, not really, Budige is short for budgerigar, so he’s basically named after what he is. Oh, here’s a picture of him, the little cute feathered wonder.

Owlando's pet bird

My pet budgerigar, Budgie

Anyways, I love birds, that’s the main case, and I do frequently take photos of them, wild ones and tame ones. It’s some kind of urge I get now and then, and just recently I got to satisfy that urge. Here are some of my bird pictures from a few days ago. Hope you like them, cheers, happy holidays, and spread the love for birds. Also, please check out my Instagram account for more bird photos to come. The ones I posted here are just some of the ones I took.

March Birds Mini Gallery

Remember, the bird is the word!