Owlando's way

The humble beginnings

All beginnings need the first step

Hey there, and welcome to my little spot on the world wide web. Cheers for the new beginnings, everyone has got to start off somewhere, and this is where I start. I am fully aware that this isn’t the real first start, but since my hard disk drive had a crash which left me with basically zero files left. I decided this was my mark, this is where I begin everything anew.

Previously I have always had the content, just putting it back together in new ways. Now it’s all about new content, since yeah, everything from now on will be new content. I do not yet know the fate of my hard disk drive and the files, but I am ready nonetheless. It is time to begin this journey, my journey towards photography. I won’t give this up no matter what!

A warm welcome to Owlando’s website

So, what now? What can you expect to find here as time goes by?

Well as with all beginnings, it’s quite empty here as this will be the very first post on this site. But I can start this one by explaining my grand plan for this area, my little spot on the world wide web. Think of this place as somewhat a digital diary, and digital portfolio. Besides this, I plan to do some tutorials and showcase my whole journey towards becoming a photographer.

At the moment I am a student at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, and by studying here I hope to gain the skills needed to take my photography to the next step. Combining this with my previous education within digital media, graphic design, video experience and an endless lust for travel. I hope to make this place here quite exciting for you as a reader, both in terms of context and content. So, please do follow me on my journey, and give me a chance to fulfil this promise. Thank you so much for your time!



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