Hello August and hello blog!

A new month and a new start

Why not start blogging at the start of a new month, cheers for new beginnings right?

Yeah I know, we’ve all seen this happen way too many times. But, one of these many times, I might get it right ya know!

Blog blog blog

Round and round here we go again, same old stuff, same old end, or maybe not?

Obviously not, if that was the answer then you would never read this, because I’d never even write it to begin with. But here it is, so that means I’m ready for a new blogventure or whatever one may call it.

I’ll post regularly bits and pixels from my journey of life, I’d be happy if you’d like to follow me. But I’ll make sure that even if you don’t, then you’ll still find lots of content here anyways.

A bit more than just a blog

So yeah, I told you about the blog and that’s obviously the first thing you’ll probably see on this page. But, there’s going to be more than just that. My plans are to use this website as a hub, for all my other digital stuff, and also as a portfolio. Just because I want to make the most of this place, it’s only in the beginning phase so I’ll have to excuse the small amount of content.

That’ll change very soon, as I’ve got a lot of posts, pictures and videos to come. Hopefully this site will be some sort of diary for myself (and obviously for everyone else visiting) a portfolio for my work search adventure, and also a hub for my photos, videos and other creative endeavours.

Anyways thanks for your visit, I hope you’ll follow, and if you don’t, then thank you anyways. Have a nice day, a nice month and a nice year to come! See ya!


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