Owlando's journey

The green nightmare

This time it was all about nightmare

So I recently finished an assignment at school, the topic for this one was nightmare and we had full creative freedom on this one. I love whenever full creative freedom is given, because you can basically do anything you want, and it will not be wrong.

With that in mind I had a real brainstorm evening some days before the deadline, what on earth can you do on this assignment, I asked myself. Initially I wanted to do something about dreams, using warm light and soft images as a way to show a good dream. But two things stopped me, number one I do not see the landscape and light I want in the current conditions. It is winter after all, and it is Norway, which means it is really cold, and the light is soft but a lot of blue tones. I’m not a fan of being outside for longer periods of time when it’s cold, I freeze easily and this made me scrap my idea of a dream theme.

A fruitful massacre

Nightmare from a fruits perspective

The thoughts began swirling around the theme of nightmares and something dark, horrible and gruesome. But even with this in mind I still want to do it my own way and add something kind of cute to it. And for some reason the question: What would a nightmare be if I were a fruit or a vegetable? And my first thoughts were getting cut in pieces ready for serving, but that thought led me deeper into the thoughts similar of Toy Story, where basically dead objects are given life. Imagine what would happen if Red pepper would go to war against Green pepper, what would the outcome be?

A green healthy nightmare filled with fruits, that was my thought, and all these pictures developed from that idea. I got the pictures in my head, quickly sketched them down in my sketchbook, and later on I went to the grocery in order to buy the fruits and vegetables I needed. Using the kitchen as the natural area for the crime scene, this is after all where most vegetables and fruits are tortured. So I quickly set up my tripod, found some good way to fix the light issues, or at least I think I found a good way. And then I started to use the stickers from my sticker book, and voila, this is what it became.

This can also be viewed from my portfolio which you can find here