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First day of school

Ready for school

Today it began, my first day of school, since like two years ago. It was a bit strange to be back again, not that I have been on that particular school before, but you probably know what I mean. I am talking about the way you start working, and then suddenly you go back to school. Today was the first proper day of school, yesterday was the registration and the get to know each other part. It was quite a small class, just about ten people, but I enjoy that, that means the teacher gets more time with each one of us. I prefer smaller classes any day!

A lot is going to happen

We got an assignment on the very first day, that is kind of a good sign, effective working. It is a bit unusual to me though, but I like this. Seems like we will get multiple tasks each week, and that makes us really actively searching for different kinds of images. I hope this really makes my creative spark wake up again since I have been missing that one for a while.

Also, I am a person who works best under pressure and stress, long time limits aren’t my best friend. It usually ends up like this: We get one month to do something, I start slowly, and most of my work comes when there are only 3-4 days left before the deadline. RedBull and a couple of long working nights usually get me into the finish line with a result I enjoy. My creativity does not start until it is really important it seems. Hopefully, this changes though.

The first assignment is to take a few portrait photos, the extra addition is that they should be in the same kind of mood and feeling. Also, they should go together in a series, so they ought to look kind of similar, or at least follow that red thread. At the moment I have some few ideas in my head already, I think I will ask my Colombian friends for some portraits at our monthly coffee meeting. Then my setting will be cafe life, and also a bit of heritage too since I am a Colombian as well.

Alternatives and plan B’s

Of course, it is important to not bet everything on one card, I have a bad experience with those kinds of things. So I have some second ideas in my head already too, I learned early in the graphic design studies that you often had to kill your darling. The darling being your first idea or the one you love the most. An idea you often get too attached too and makes your focus too narrow, so that you miss a lot of other ideas.

So my plan B is #hardwork and that is supposed to be a series of photos of people at the gym. People who exercise a lot, who put all their efforts in strengthening their bodies. I do not know how I’ll do this but I have a friend who is a prime example of this category so I will ask him if he could help me. But yeah that is my plan B at the moment, so we will see how it works out. Follow me on my adventures at Bilder Nordic School of Photography!


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