Owlando's journey

My desktop kind of looks like this

So I guess this is a presentation of my desktop

This is part of me trying to be more active as a blogger, and why not start with introducing the spot where I mostly blog from. My desktop. Blog, film, edit and surf, all done from this spot right here.

desktop 1

I don’t really know if I am supposed to write about the gadgets, but I’ll do it anyways since it’s me. I have a MacBook Pro over there on the non-official Mac stand, straight under it is a GoPro camera that’s quite often used in all situation just to get some footage from wherever I am or whatever I’m doing. Oh well, my background is Ugandan Knuckles, just because I loved that meme so badly, and I do not want it to die out. On my wall is a legend of Zelda poster, cause I am a gamer obviously and I want to decorate with gaming posters.

On the left side is the Blue Yeti microphone, quite a good one to be honest, and a cheap pop-filter that I bought on sale. It works great, and usually supply my gaming habits as well as my home-filming habits and live streams. I am also going to try to figure a way to connect it to my SLR somehow but at the moment I’m just out of ideas. Oh and yeah, on top of the screen is a webcam I’ve had for quite a while, rarely been using it though, but hey there’s a time and place for everything. Also, I have a lot of hard drives there too, just waiting to get back “the source” so that they can copy and backup everything. I will never ever be without a backup again! Last but not least, I won’t forget to mention the little yellow happy hopper figure located right below the screen. He’s been with me on quite some journeys already.

desktop 2

A creative desktop dream

For quite a while I have had a really small desktop table, barely able to fit anything on it but the Mac and the stand. My dream was always to have a creative desktop, with room for lots of gadgets and equipment. Just because you never know when you’ll need it at hand, and by now I can say that I think I am almost at that desktop dream already. I can’t really say that I am lacking anything as it is now, and I am so grateful for having this desktop dream come true.

As soon as my restored harddrive files are back I can finally get back to showing you guys some content that I was working on before the fatal event occurred. And since the vacation is finally here, I can also post some more videos and get back to the streaming part, while also managing to get out and take some photos for myself again. So make sure to check out my social channels like YouTube and Instagram. Lately, it’s mostly been as part of assignments, but I guess that’s just natural. I digressed there, but hey, this is today’s post, and now you know about my desktop, enjoy!