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Quick-guide about the usage of my photos

Hey there, happy to hear that you want to use the photos that I took of you/for you. I have written this little page here in order to quickly explain the usage rights to these photos.
So please read on and follow these rules, you don’t want to be stealing I hope.


I have my own page on Facebook which you can easily find by this address: or a quick search in the Facebook bar. If you use my pictures on Facebook then please add a byline Photo by @owlando and link my page there. Contact me if you are unsure about how to do this the right way.


I have my own Instagram account which you can find at this address: or just search owlando or @owlando. If you use my pictures on Instagram then please use the hashtag #owlando and tag my account. I would also be really happy if you would add the byline Photo by @owlando in your caption or as a comment.


If you use any of my images on your website/blog or any other sources on the web.
Then please do add the byline Photo by Owlando and link to my website

Of course, I am quite aware that I can not force you to do any of this, but I would be really happy if you did it. It helps the both of us, and besides that, it is actually a crime to use someone’s pictures without permission.

Depending on the kind of picture and assignment, I may or may not report the violation of the agreement if I find that you use an image without permission.