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New week and new assignments

Hoy, here we are in yet another week, I am ready for a new week of school and new things to learn. Today’s class was all about photo history and communication with the use of photos. Oh before you ask, the featured image and the pictures I use in posts sometimes have no relevance to the post topic. It is just that I did not have any suiting photos at that very moment.

We went through a bit of the history of the camera, and also some famous old-time photographers. It was quite interesting, but I have to admit I really wanted that morning coffee today. I am not too good at history lectures, honestly, also it does not help much that they usually are in a dark classroom lit only by the projector showing pictures on the chalkboard.

And yeah I did not get my coffee, the machine was under maintenance, and it was not fixed during our break so I went with water. Luckily the sleepiness kept away for the entire lesson, and we got to see some really inspiring photos, and for good reason. Because this week’s first assignment came at the end of the lesson, and it was all about the classic photos. The assignment is as following: Find two pictures from the old times. Two pictures that inspire you, and then re-create or make your own version of these two images. So in total, four images, two originals, and two that you make yourself. Also, including the photographer that inspired you.

The assignments are piling up

Now at the current time, I have three assignments that will all have to be done during this week. I am partly done with one of them at least. I went to the gym on Sunday with my friend and another friend of him. We got some cool shots, and I just need to sort out which one I will use for my portrait photos. That is what I will do tonight, and once that is done I will have to do some reading. And I also have to crawl the web for some photos to inspire me. And find my own creative way of recreating those. It looks like it will be quite a busy week, and this coming weekend I will go to the mountain for some proper skiing. I am really looking forward to that!


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