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Time for a blog update

A little blog update

Here’s a little blog update that isn’t related to school, but rather the blog itself. I feel I need to explain a few things, like the total makeover and the language switch. Since this blog used to be written in Norwegian, my native language. And also this post is for some more details.

It is quite important to find a style you like for your website, but there are a plethora of options to choose from. I have had countless blog designs during the last years, but none have felt so perfect as this one. This is the Gridspace blog theme from Graphpaperpress. It is some kind of photo portfolio theme, and that is exactly what I wanted for this blog/website now. Since I aim to make it look professional, but yet I want to keep the blog part quite personal. There is a story I want to tell as well, and I get this job done so well with this theme.

I have been using WordPress for quite a while, and have been self-taught for the most of the time. There are so many possibilities with WordPress and the different themes you can choose. I use this one in Tandem with blogg.no, so it might be that you are viewing this post from http://owlando.blogg.no. If so then I would recommend having a look at my website here at www.owlando.com.

About the language switch

Ever since I began publishing anything at all on the internet, I have always had this kind of trouble of choosing which audience I want to target. Norwegians or Internationals? I have had an English blog before, but I changed it since I felt that I lacked the vocabulary to express myself properly. Of course, it is a lot easier to express oneself in the native language, so that is why I went for Norwegian. But on the other hand, I have many friends from abroad, and also I want my site to be available for everyone. Also, I know that most Norwegians are quite capable of reading and talking English. And since everything else I do is in English, then I thought I’d just make it universal, so I hope that is okay with whoever reads this. But again, I added a translate option in the sidebar menu, so if you want it to be Norwegian, then you can always use that option. It ain’t perfect, but it is good enough.

YouTube updates?

Oh, and the last part, regarding YouTube, no I have not quitted already. My channel is fresh and the only reason for the lack of content there lately obviously is because of school. I haven’t got into the routine yet, but I will get there, and when I do there will be more updates coming as soon as possible. The vlog part will also transition into English since all my other videos are in English. I have to finish up my Diddy Kong Racing series, to tackle the Spaceport Alpha stages, and to beat Wizpig one last time.

After that, I plan to do some more retro games from the Nintendo 64 era, I am not quite sure which one yet, but it might be Super Mario 64 or the Snowboard Kids game. I just need some time to get on schedule with my school assignments and this new student life.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please visit my YouTube channel here. Or here.

That’s if for this blog update, stay tuned with me as I make a routine out of my life!



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