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A blissful vacation day

The blissful days of vacation and work

Beautiful vacation day

Vacation is wonderful, and if you manage to combine it with some work, that makes it even better! And actually, I was able to do so, while earning money I also got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. So here’s yesterday, this is a short post though.

First off was work early in the morning, cold but good, since it gave me some income. I guess that’s the beauty of working freelance. Later on, I met up with a friend, we have a plan of becoming fit, so we are starting a regular gym habit. I am really excited about that since going to the gym alone has failed me so many times. The sofa is just too good on a cold winter day. But now I have high hopes for this, I will explain more about this in a separate post. Anyways, here’s some of the day in pictures. I am now heading out again for a stroll in the sun before another gym session commences. Enjoy the day!