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Back to school again

Yet again I return to school for some more wisdom

I have always wanted to study photography, or not always, but at least since I was fourteen and that is quite a while ago already. But there have been many reasons for me not to start, the main keywords are economy and risk, as these kinds of school studies are quite expensive. Also, they do not lead to what many would call a safe job. A photographers work situation can be so varied, either you work as a freelancer and live on a month by month salary. Some months you might earn enough but some months you might not earn anything and that kind of does not work in today’s society.

So yeah, I aimed for different jobs and kind of tried out a lot of different ways to go. But it all came down to the same thing, I still wanted to do something creative. It has led me all the way to do graphic design, which was really awesome to learn and study. But still, I really wanted to learn more about photography and to actually understand the camera properly, as by now I have just tried and tested what works and what does not. I want to be able to assess the scene and know what to do in order to take a good and well-exposed picture. So that is why I am starting as a student at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, a long name indeed so I’ll shorten it to BNSOP instead. Makes it a lot easier.

Aims and goals

Well, I do not have a specific goal in mind by doing this except getting somewhat pro on using my camera, which again I hope will lead to a good job within the creative business. I already have graphic design, some video and IT skills on my resume so I hope having a proper photo education will help me in landing that perfect dream job that I’ve been wanting for so long. I love photography, videography, design and travelling, and I hope to one day mix them together and make a living out of it. This might really help that ambition.

We will see where this goes, as of tomorrow I will be a student again, ready to learn and follow my path, the path of a photographer. Feel free to follow me along the way, basically what I am saying is, follow my blog here to see where the road leads. Hopefully, now I am done with the rebooting of the page, to be honest, I am really happy with how it looks now.


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