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The art of light

The second day at school and we talk about light

One part of photography that I never quite got the hang of was the part of lighting. I know some of the exposure and all that, but I was never good with the placement of light and/or how to make my subjects well lit. I usually photograph in nature so the sun is basically the one and only lamp I have. And that has been both good and bad, so now it is finally time to learn some more about the art of light.

We began our first lesson with a very good sentence from the teacher, he said that once we enter the studio room. It is completely black, there is nothing, and in this room we are Gods. We create in this room, we bring the light, we bring the subject, and arrange things as we like. When we leave the room, we have created something. I really liked this way to think, and I also highly agree with the teacher.

My feelings about studio photography

Honestly, I have never like studio photography, it might be partly because I do not know how to work within a studio, and also partly because I do not find it to be natural. If you bring a person into a photo studio, it is for the sole purpose of being photographed. I must admit I prefer the natural circumstances when people act natural or are in a natural environment.

But hey, I really admire a lot of photos that I have seen that are taken within a studio. So I am pretty sure that my feelings will change once I get the hang of it. And to be honest, I have not had the opportunity to work in a studio more than once or twice during my life, so it is no wonder why I do not have a special liking to it. I bet that this will all change, today was the first lesson and I thought it was really interesting. We learned a lot already about lamps, and how light works. The lessons here are really good, but we also get a lot to do right from the get-go.

And of course, an assignment was given at the end of the class. The assignment for this course was to take two pictures where light has clearly been manipulating the surroundings. For example when the light is reflected, broken up or diffused by going through a transparent material. I honestly do not know what to do here yet, but I am working on it.

The plan B became my solution

And the other task from the previous day, I found out that I would like to do the #hardwork series instead. So I got in touch with my friend and we arranged a meeting at the gym this coming weekend. So I will hopefully be able to get the pictures I need for that assignments during the weekend. I do not know if any of those will be posted here on my page, I will have to ask the models later. I look forward to having my first photoshoot. Stay tuned owlets!


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