Let me tell you a bit about myself

I’m just a Colombian guy who got adopted to Norway when I was nine months old. The love for travel came early, as this was my first long trip, from Colombia and all the way to Norway. Travelling quickly became a big part of my life, and I have been blessed with travel loving parents. Which gave me the opportunity to travel a lot, and to meet a lot of people.

To travel is to be free, and you learn a lot of how the world works, just by travelling around and observing how people cope with their lives. I think all this travelling made me somewhat an open-minded person, and it might also be the reason to why I am rootless. It might be that, or it might be a question of identity. The question of identity tends to be a bit more of a struggle for adoptees. I will go deeper on this topic in a separate blog post, or in a separate project.

Apart from travelling, my main interests are found in the fields of photography, videography, graphic design and gaming. As a result, these are the most relevant topics on my blog, and of course, you’ll get updates on my daily life too. I recently began studying photography at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, this is me pursuing my dream of becoming a photographer. Feel free to follow me on this journey, walking the path of a photographer. I will do my best to share my experiences and to make your visit worthwhile. For more about me, check out this introduction blog post.

Have a look at my site, have a cup of coffee and have a nice day!

“Life is an adventure, so make the most of it!”