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A new addition to my camera gear

And what a camera it is, the new Canon EOS M50, lightweight is beauty in my eyes. Most of my time as a photographer I’ve been used to having a heavy and clunky DSLR camera. But hey, I have always dreamt of having a small yet capable camera, but it always came at quite a loss in image quality to go lightweight. Usually, compact cameras cannot reproduce anything close to what a full-frame DSLR can do.

I am not saying this one can do it either, but it is getting really close. I am still waiting for the real mirrorless full-frame from Canon though. But this baby is sweet as sugar anyways, it is so small, yet it packs so many features. It is marketed as a camera for beginners who want to step up from mobile photography. Honestly, I think this camera is so much more, and that’s why I wanted to make an entire blog post about it.

Here goes!

canon eos m50

The techy specs

Of course, I need to mention the specifications for the ones who are curious about those, and they are quite great I must say, here they are:

Sensor: 24.1MP APS-C CMOS

Lens mount: Canon EF-M

Screen: 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen, 1,040,000 dots

Burst shooting: 10fps

Autofocus: 143-point AF

Video: 4K

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth

Battery life: 235 shots

Weight: 390g

So many uses

So that’s quite some specs for the little camera right? Well, it makes this camera so diverse, you can use it for so many things. It is really good as a travel camera, street photography and such. It can easily act as the main camera as well. I am planning to use this camera for both main photography and video making (YouTube). As it has a MIC port available as well, it makes the sound recording a lot easier too. I have tested this camera through different kinds of photography already, and I am really happy with the results it delivers. With a Gorillapod attached, this camera is as versatile as a camera can be. The flip out screen is also such a nice bonus, which makes selfies and vlogging life so much easier. The only downsides I can find with this camera is that if you make movies in 4K, you will get the videos cropped in on a large part of the image. Which means that it will zoom a lot more, and also you lose the possibility to use Dual-pixel focus. Dual-pixel focus is Canons trademark autofocus system, and it works so great that it is almost like a dream. You can set it to auto track faces or eyes, and that’s all you need to do. It keeps a smooth focus on your subject at most times. The battery is smaller than those of the bigger cameras, so you should probably buy an extra. The last point is that the camera uses EOS-M type lenses, which are smaller, and makes the camera incompatible with the EF and EF-S lenses. But hey, you have the option to buy an adapter.

The conclusion

I can not do anything else than to recommend this camera if you are looking for a versatile camera. Its price tag might be a little stiff, at above 7000NOK but on the other side you get interchangeable lenses, and you can optionally buy an adapter which gives this camera access to all of your other Canon lenses. The quality of the images and videos from this camera is top notch, of course, it still has a way to go to compete with the full frame DSLRs but for being a compact, lightweight crop-camera, this is a really good one. For the time I have had this camera for about a week, and I have tested it through action photography, concert photography, portrait photography and filming. It has been overall great. And as a bonus, it is super easy to transfer pictures to your phone on the go, so that you can instantly post them on social media and such. I just got to say it, this is probably the best camera I’ve ever had. If you want to read more about the camera, head on over here: Canon EOS M50


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