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The return of a classic: Tamagotchi

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Let’s go old school

Do you remember the small computer pets that everyone had back in the 90’s? If you’re not a 90’s kid then probably not, but you may have seen them in the later years as well. What I’m talking about is the Tamagotchi, your digital friend and the source of a lot of annoying sounds and frustrated teachers. This little pet has returned as a mobile app, enter Tamagotchi Forever!

Renewed style

The Tamagotchi got a makeover and entered a 3D style with lots of vibrant and happy colours. And as the game starts up you are greeted and thrown right into the role as a parent.

After petting and getting to know the system, not that it was unknown to me, I had several tamagotchis as a kid. I’ve even had two as an adult. It brought back a lot of memories seeing this familiar figure, feeding it, but the funny thing came when it was finished eating.

Don’t know if it was the food or something else, but straight to the toilet we went, and then this happened…

And then he was relieved, I never thought I’d ever tap the screen to make a Tamagotchi take a dump. But hey, I’m all for the new things!

A new little project

So after he was cleaned and put to bed, the real game begun, I got an egg, and there we go! I decided to make this my little blog project, taking care of the little fella. So watch out how this will go. Most likely it’ll die out quite quick but I can always try!


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