Owlando's journey

Going back to the drawing board

As the blog has been killed off and revived countless of times, I figured I had to make a change of direction, a so-called re-branding. The name Owlando has been with me since early 2013, and since I’ve learned the importance of sticking with a name and visual profile I have not changed the name at all since then. And I probably won’t, I have the social media accounts, the hashtags and website all with the name owlando so it is easy to find me. Also, it is a pun on my name, Orlando, the reason I choose Owlando was because I needed something unique and original. But still, it had to be somewhat short, and also I wanted the name to be similar to my own. Quite a lot of criteria there to fill, but I managed to make one. Owlando was chosen out of the pure fact that I totally love owls, and it’s basically just switching out one letter from my middle name. And the best thing about it, no one else had it at that time, and still today the only ones I know are the Night Owl shops in Australia who in 2015 brought their new mascot Owlando. Anyway…

Logo, slogan, layout and style

Visual profile, that’s quite important, and I need to make one, at the moment I only use my own profile image as a logo, and as an educated graphic designer, I do not think that works at all. I want to make a logo, and it has to be an owl logo. And I want to incorporate the colours of blue and orange of some sort. My slogan has always been my motto, that life is an adventure, I am not sure if I should change that or leave it be. It’s been with me for so long, and it stays true to my viewpoint of life, so I think it should stay with me. When it comes to layout, I want it to be a clear distinctive connection between for example business cards, web pages, designs and the logo should also fit into the layout. All of this is in my drawing book for the moment but I will try to digitalize some examples very soon.

The purpose of it all

Most things have a purpose, and of course, there’s a reason behind all of this as well. Why would I do it without one? The goal of this site is to be somewhat of a hub to all my creations, pictures, videos and designs. As well as being some kind of dairy and a photography showcase. My professional portfolio will also be here, and I hope this webpage will aid me in the search for a job. It’s a bit of everything, just like me, I’m spontaneous and random, I guess that reflects onto this main project as well. I’ll post my updates on this project as it moves forward, who knows when it’ll pop up, it might be tomorrow, or it might be next month. My only promise is that it will be within the year. As you probably know, these things take time, a lot of time. So yeah, that’s the branding process of Owlando. Let’s start!


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