Owlando's journey

How did it begin?

It all began as a kid, as most lifelong hobbies do. While helping my parents cleaning up the basement shed, I found my fathers old SLR camera, it seemed to be in a working condition so I asked to borrow it. At the same time period, I was watching a television series named Caitlin’s way, it was about a rebel city girl who was forced to move to a farmhouse with her family. Slowly adapting to the life on the countryside, she got a job as a freelance photographer at her local school. Watching this series and how she took pictures, got me hooked on photography. Finding my dads SLR gave me the perfect opportunity to try out photography.

I filled my first film quite quickly, but it all turned out to be rubbish, almost all the photos were out of focus. Clearly, I needed a lot of practice, and finding out how the focus worked was priority number one. Many films later I slowly got the hang out of it. Several years later I got a more modern camera for my birthday, a Samsung DSLR camera. That was quite handy because up until now I only turned some dials and took pictures without knowing anything. The Samsung camera had a preview which let you see how the image would turn out before you take the shot, this was quite helpful, and through this function alone I learned more about how to set the settings properly.

Slow but steady

Some years with the Samsung camera made me more confident, and people kept saying I had an eye for things. I didn’t care too much about that, I just loved taking photos. Many years later, I got to attend a Folk High School, and my one year course was named Backpack Photography. If the name was not clear enough, it was all about travelling and photography. That was a perfect fit for me, as I love both just as much. Before starting up, I got another camera as a present, this time it was a Canon 500D, and this camera got quite the adventures ahead of it. It went with me to both Ethiopia, Tanzania, Svalbard, Thailand, Egypt, Italy, and England. It survived all of these adventures, it has a lot of scratches and bumps, but it still works. Now I keep it as a memory, I won’t sell it, it means quite a lot to me even though I don’t use it anymore.

Later on, I moved up to a full-frame camera from Canon, the EOS 6D camera. Going full frame opened up a whole new world to me. Features and possibilities I never thought of became possible, although I did not know nearly enough to make use of them. At that time I still used the try and fail method of taking pictures. Turning the dials here and there until the image looked good in the preview. It took quite a while until I slowly figured the AV, TV, P modes of the camera. It went slow but steady.

The 6D camera went with me on even bigger adventures than the 500D, we travelled Asia together, we lived a year in Australia together. We went to a language school in Spain together, and many other trips. I got gradually better at understanding the dials and how the camera worked. But I wanted to learn it properly, and I wanted an education in the field of photography. Just having finished my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and digital media, I  thought it would be way too much to start another three-year education. Not to mention the costs that would come from it. No, there was no possibility of doing such a thing. But I found something better, a core course in photography at a well-known photography school right here in Oslo, Bilder Nordic School of photography.

I spent six months at this school, finally learned to use the camera to its potential. Of course, there’s still a lot to learn, but now I know the things I need in order to continue my plans.

Plans for the future

So yeah, that’s my story so far and now that the foundation is built it is about time to begin. My future plan is to gradually build up the photography part, and hopefully I can make something out of it in the near future. Doing all I can to promote, develop and learn more about the arts. The course at Bilder Nordic made me better at understanding pictures, and how to select them. Also now that I can handle the camera at a much more advanced level, I can finally start producing some more personal projects. At the same time I want to use the camera and photo knowledge and combine it with video and travelling. Mix them all together and make a job out of it, that’s my dream, my plan, my goal, and I vow to realize it no matter what!

Keep following me on my journey, I’d be happy to have you with me, and for the promotional part here’s the standard: Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks for your time, enjoy your day!


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  1. Hei, jeg har bestemt meg for følge deg på din vei, når det gjelder motiver, og kreativitet. Nå må jeg først lære hvordan jeg skal følge deg, og velge YouTube, eller Instagram. Eller begge deler. Jeg traff dine foreldre på Tunhovd, eller rettere sagt på Øygardsfjell, på ferieturen Og jeg prøver å male blomster og natur. Så vi får se om jeg kan få kjøpt noen foto, du hat tatt. Hvis jeg finner motiv av gamle hus fra fjellheimen, og annet som er interessant. Jeg håper at vi kan treffes en gang. Jeg bor i Vestfold, på landet, men det er i sentrum av Andebu, jeg bor. Her er det mye motiver for den som har øye for det. Tjøme, Åsgårdstrand. Mølen, ( hav, og brenninger) Stavern, ved Larvik. Det er mye fine motiv omkring her. Men det spørs hva man liker å ta motiv av…. .. Tønsberg, og Sandefjord er de to byene jeg har tilknytning til.. Du får ha det godt. Så skal jeg se om jeg får tatt en titt på motivene dine. Hilsen Henry Skjelbred .

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