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The first one was like being a kid again

Anyone who knows me knows that I like video games, and if you know me a little more you probably also know that I love Sonic the Hedgehog. And the reason is as easy as I grew up with him, I got my Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) at around the age of five or so. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog, and boy I played that game to the core. Of course being a kid growing up in a small town without interests for either handball or football, gaming became my thing.

I’ve always wondered if I regret spending so much time in front of the television or not, but ultimately I always had a really good time with it. All my favourite games were Sonic games, and through all my years I’ve always been really excited whenever there’s a new Sonic game release. Although the last ten years have been a bumpy ride for my blue fellow, I still stand as a strong fan of both the characters and the games from the franchise. I was the one and only person standing in a non-existing line at the release of Sonic Unleashed and Generations. I am also the one who applied for a day or two off from work whenever a Sonic game was released, I turned off my cellphone and just got into it. Yeah, that’s how I roll!

Sonic is getting back again

Sonic has had a hard time establishing a good gameplay style since going to 3D, and we have had quite many games who lack in different aspects. But hey, Sonic Unleashed and Generations were my two favourites from the 3D era. And my guilty pleasure is that I enjoyed Sonic 06 as well, I either closed my eyes for all the glitches, or I was just lucky to completely avoid all of them on my first playthrough. But yeah, Sonic has struggled, and with the last year’s release of Sonic Forces, I am sad to say that Sonic Team hasn’t yet managed to find their Sonic game style that really works. Or wait, they did it with Unleashed and perfected it with Generations, but for some reason, they stopped building upon that.

But then a game named Sonic Mania was announced the same year as Sonic Forces, two games at the same year, one big Sonic Team title, and one made of indie developers consisting of true Sonic fans hired by SEGA to make a Sonic game. And guess what, they perfected it, they knew what was lacking, and by making Sonic Mania, they brought back Sonic as he used to be. The game was an instant hit and got great scores all around. Not only for the nostalgia, but also because it plays extremely well, and has such a good visual quality. I remembered when I first started the game, I just screamed: HELL YEAH, THIS IS SONIC, HE IS FINALLY BACK! And it was true joy and happiness!

Honest words, it was just like being back in my childhood room in front of the small TV I had back then. It was such a good feeling, I totally loved Mania and played it to the core!
(Playing the game to the core means, playing it insanely much, almost obsessing about it)

classic sonic members

More is coming

And when the game was perfected, I got the rumours a while back that they were planning on expanding it. That news was just like suddenly waking up and realizing it’s like your birthday and Christmas at the same time, or at least it was to me. And now it’s soon here, Sonic Mania + the expansion. Which adds two new playable characters, more multiplayer options, more secrets to discover and on top of that, new zones to play. And they even added an encore mode, which plays the game but the stages being slightly altered. This is just so good, I can’t wait to play it, the release is 17th of July and I will probably be live streaming it on my YouTube channel that day. Or at least make a playthrough video about it.

It’s good to be a fan these days.

sonic mania poster


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