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Time is crucial for everything

First and foremost, welcome and thank you for visiting my site. It’s been a few ups and downs, and when it comes to time management it probably won’t change. But when is a really good time for anything anyway? I don’t really know, but I feel that now is a good time to begin this blog. School is over, I’ve got somewhat of a summer job and now mostly time is my own to spend. I’ve decided to conquer my OCD and start publishing without following any given order or rules, that’s how I did it back in the days and that’s how I’ll do it now. It all begins with this!

canon eos m50

The blogging life

It’s been roughly ten years now since I last had a stable and running blog, so a ten-year anniversary gift would be to get it stable again. If you’ve been checking up you’ve surely noticed it frequently gets stripped of its content, that’s my OCD acting up. But hey, I’m tired of that, if I allow that to continue then I will never get my “diary” up and running. How good is a diary if you tear out the pages every now and then? Anyways, here it is, my blog. I’m going to fill it with all sorts of stuff from my life. Bits and pixels so to speak. My main topics are photography, travelling, video editing and graphic design. But there’s going to be a lot of daily life stories mixed in as well.

Let’s get this started already, hope you’ll follow along on this journey!

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